OSWP Certified!


Hello everyone. It has been a while since i last wrote an article, i was busy at work. I took the OSWP exam.
OSWP exam was super easy! I finished in like 40 minutes and then immediately wrote the report for it.
There was no WPS cracking but it included all the attacks about WEP and WPA.
I studied the pdf in 4 hours, more like a quick read to remember stuff since i had my experience with wireless hacking.
After a few days my pass verification email arrived. Nothing more to add on this subject. I am ready to take the OSCE exam now 🙂
Something irrelevant with the exam, i found my first 0Day in the company i work about unauthenticated database download in the web application of an embedded custom device, that my company provides to clients. 🙂 Unfortunately, they won’t allow me to release the POC 😥

That is all folks, have fun, bye!


OSCP Certified at last! + Review :D


Hello Everyone.
I finally got my OSCP. I got the mail verification a couple of hours ago. I am quite happy.
Dear Thanasis,

We are happy to inform you that you have successfully completed the Penetration Testing with Kali Linux certification exam and have obtained your Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification.

Offsec Lab Part

Ok so my experience in the lab was easier than i expected. The lab had 50 machines(51 actually but i won’t say why). Most of them are super easy, others were of medium difficulty and others were quite hard. The ones i found the hardest were, freebsd and humble! Freebsd wasn’t exactly hard, but it required too much trickiness.
I must say that when i was reading those reviews, people kept saying they will miss the labs, i was thinking “ye right get that damn certificate who cares for the lab” but i must say they were very fun! i was hacking all the time. Humble was hard cause of so much trial and error that tired you in the end.

Exam Part
Ok i must say that i didn’t pass the first time even though i completed all the machines of all the labs in 26 days.
But let me make a small comment here and say, DO NOT GET INTIMIDATED BY THIS!
First mistake i did about my first exam was the fact that i read so many reviews.
Everyone was like hardest exam ever, i could’t pass and i had an IT background. ok so ignore all of this like i should have done.
That was my first mistake. Second mistake, that i can’t verify now really, is the fact that i was scanning a host with nmap and 2 ports weren’t appearing open.
I needed one of them to get a shell, then on the moment that i was ready to give up, a friend sent me a script he uses to scan that utilized unicornscan.
I gave that a try and what do you know. It showed 2 more ports! i ran the exploit and got shell right away! I had spent like 7 hours on that machine.
I don’t know what the problem was. I told offsec of course so that will not happen again to anyone, but they told me it was working properly.
Third mistake was the fact that i could not sleep the previous day very well so i got tired fast.
So if you add up all those stuff it made me fail! Although i did the buffer overflow machine in 20 minutes.

The second time i took the exam, i was serious, i mean very very serious. There was no way i would fail this. So i started that script(i will add it in the resources tab for anyone who is interested) while i took on the buffer overflow, which i hacked in 15 minutes 😛 (new record). Then i moved onto the 10 point machine which surprisingly was a bit tricky but not difficult. I moved on the 20 point machine quickly rooted it and then an idea popped up about the 10 point machine.
I came back and rooted it too. I stuck on the other 20 point machine so i moved onto the 25 point machine which i got a shell very quickly. In the end, i found not one but two different ways to escalate it. I don’t know if that was intended or not, either way there weren’t easy to be found. The last 20 point machine, i couldn’t hack it. I reached up to a point but nothing after that.
I sent my report the next day and the next one offsec sent me an email! my heart pounded like crazy! They told me they required more steps about the buffer overflow!!!! I was frozen! I was like what am i gonna do now? i didn’t take screenshots for previous steps. Thank god though, they just told me to write a detailed step by step description which i did. It took like 20 minutes but i was super stressed cause of that. Obviously everything worked out though.


The OSCP was a great experience! It was the first time i did something like this and proved not only to myself but to everyone else that i am that good and i am gonna move on to get even better! Sky is not the limit! The next universe is! I plan to surpass that too! Anyway do not get intimidated by any reviews you see online, mine included! Of course to take this course, you cannot be a noob. Just because it is the first certificate Offensive security provies, does not mean it is an introductory one. Don’t ask where i can start off. I really can’t recommend you something except from this! The pdf is great for the newbies although networking and some basic programming must be a standard to even begin this. Of course it would be great if you would have some previous experience. Vulnhub is not a bad idea to check.

Anyway that is my story it was an awesome experience and i can’t wait to go against OSWP and OSCE. I would totally love to take on OSEE! It seems amazing.

I want to thank offensive-security for this great experience and their whole structure really! They are very organized but one thing you should change is, to add
a live chat for the challenges part. It stressed me really really hard when they required more details and they didn’t even give me an example.
That was the only problem i had. About the admins now! One name —-> Haken29a best guy i talked from the admins and ryujin is pretty cool.
Haken29a helped me so much with each problem i had about connectivity or other stuff.

Anyway time to find a job as a pentester now hopefully and do some really deep research on buffer overflows!