This is a list of websites that have usefull links and some books. They have assisted me a lot on this huge journey of hacking 😀


Hacking: # It contains virtual machines with vulnerabillities to have practice. # This damn team has reached another level in buffer overflow exploitations, amazing tutorials # This website contains some amazing cheatsheets that can help your life A LOT! # This is kind of a tutorial by the amazing g0tm1lk for privilege escalation in linux systems and at the end you can see some automated scripts. #one more linux priv escalation link.
Programming: # This is a pretty good website for programming like PHP,python,html. # Very good site to learn C and at the top you can find some websites for bash,python and a few others.

Windows Privilege Escalation:
#There arent many tutorials about windows exploitation so i put all the links i have gathered and hopefully will help someone!


The Shellcoder’s Handbook # This is probably my favourite book cause i love BOFs and it totally worths its money! it is amazing!
The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook # This is pretty much from the same serie and it is a bible of web app hacking.
The Art Of Exploitation 2nd Edition # One of the best books out there.
Assembly Language Step-by-Step: Programming with Linux 3rd Edition # Really good book if you are into assembly and stuff. If you are not, then you should.

The famous OSCP scanning script that saved me: