OSCP Day 10

I haven’t been writing for a while about the lab cause i was obsessed with it and kept solving machines or going out.
So i have hacked about 21 machines in total i think included pain and sufferance! I am gonna comment only to those hard ones. Well pain is not a hard one! it is very easy! i think the rumour about it being hard is what makes it hard for people. Actually it was one of the easiest machines i have solved so dont get intimidated! Now about sufferance… sigh…it took me 3 days and someone gave me a hint about the exploit for getting a priv shell. i started great on it got access to all the folders including proof but i had to get the root shell! so i searched for exploits, found the right one but offsec had different plans from me succeeding!That is where i got a hint and managed to get a low priv shell. Then it took me 1 day to finally find how to priv escalation! This machine wasnt easy but not hard either! it takes time though, especially at the part that i got a hint! that is all! tomorrow i am gonna fight with humble and hopefully get root fast 😀 Have fun everyone!


OSCP Day 4

This was the worst day in the lab! I probably wasted most of the time of the day in front of my screen. I pwned two machines today. First one was redhat really easy, it took less than 1 hour.The next machine although took the rest of my day… 😥 it was horrible and its name is freebsd! Worst machine i have encountered yet! lets hope tomorrow won’t be that bad 😀 That is it everyone have a nice time.

OSCP Day 3

Everybody, i dont know if it is the practise or something but the lab seems to be getting easier 😛 I pwned 3 machines today! First was phoenix which had a difficult moment but in general it was super easy! Then i fought with the kraken(yes another mythical creature), that couldnt be any easier. Last machine was mike. Mike was easy too although to actually get the price you needed to complex the things a little bit , but still it was easy too! Let’s see what 2morrow has for me ^_^ I know i haven’t checked pain,sufferance or humble but the time will come! Have fun Everyone and that is the way it is!

OSCP Day 2

Hello everyone! Things are going super great! i managed to pwn 2 boxes! Bob and Oracle. Bob was a very interesting box and i mean it. It taught me windows commands that i never thought i would learn without looking at them 😛 hahaha the priv escalation aspect was pretty good. Oracle was like umm not saying 😛 Checking the next box right now, phoenix, let’s how things will go 😉
Have fun everyone take care!

OSCP Day 1

So i just started the OSCP and got my lab access today. I writing this while i am w8ing for nikto and dirb to do their jon. Lab is great i pwned my first machine alice in about 1 hour and then moved on to the second one gh0st which took me about half a day cause i stuck on the last step. Right now i am checking on my third machine. Everything is great and the admins are great, at least the ones i have talked too. Haken29a is super friendly and helpful! Greetz to u dear sir, thx for ur help. I am gonna try to fill in for the blog infos about my progress without giving away anything of course but i can tell you this! Devil is in the details 😛
Everyone have fun and move forward with your lives ^_^