Finally OSCE Certified!


Hello to everyone that checks my blog 🙂 I finally managed to get OSCE.
have many things to tell you about it. The cracking the perimeter course does’t have a lab, not like OSCP’s anyway.
Although it does contain like 5 machines that will help you go through the PDF and redo the exercises.
In my opinion i thought that OSCE was so much easier compared to OSCP, because all you needed was actually in the PDF.OSCP’s knowledge was vast but in OSCE, not so much, it was quite concentrated.
It might need some more advanced knowledge than OSCP but it was easy if you have it.
So a few things about the exam and that is it! The exam had four challenges. You had to score
at least 75/90. Yes the top grade is 90 not 100. The challengeds had appointed points of 15,15,30,30.
So you could skip pretty much at least one of the 15 points challenges. One of the 15 points challenge is pretty easy 😀 The rest were kinda hard but not so much. In a scale of 1 to 10, i would say 6?maybe 7? And you have 48 hour. In conclusion you have quite good chances of passing this as long as you do have the necessary knowledge!
It feels great that i managed to get this knowledge and i am down on trying OSEE in a couple of years, where i will have a good job that will it for me. It is too expensive!

That is all people 😉 CYA .
Everyone have fun and take care!


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