OSCP Day 26

Hey everyone. I have finished hacking all the machines in the labs(public,dev,it,admin) since last night. The experience was great i learnt a couple of things i didnt know, i used ssh portfwd that i had never used before, cause i didnt need to! As an overall review of the machines, i can say that they were super fun, i enjoyed especially the dev network which happened to be the last one i hacked ^_^.
So the machines in the labs are 49 if you exclude the msf pro one , which you do not hack, and i completed all of them 😀 Lets just hope so that the exam will seem easy to me too! That is it!
Many thanks to Haken29a which helped me A LOT as an admin with some issues,Haken if u see this thx a lot talk to me in the irc some time :P. Almost all the admins were great(only 1 bad comes to mind i won’t say who :P).Have fun everyone… if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask, i will be on irc or you can leave a comment here, bye 😉


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