OSCP Day 26

Hey everyone. I have finished hacking all the machines in the labs(public,dev,it,admin) since last night. The experience was great i learnt a couple of things i didnt know, i used ssh portfwd that i had never used before, cause i didnt need to! As an overall review of the machines, i can say that they were super fun, i enjoyed especially the dev network which happened to be the last one i hacked ^_^.
So the machines in the labs are 49 if you exclude the msf pro one , which you do not hack, and i completed all of them 😀 Lets just hope so that the exam will seem easy to me too! That is it!
Many thanks to Haken29a which helped me A LOT as an admin with some issues,Haken if u see this thx a lot talk to me in the irc some time :P. Almost all the admins were great(only 1 bad comes to mind i won’t say who :P).Have fun everyone… if you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask, i will be on irc or you can leave a comment here, bye 😉


OSCP Day 23

After so many days i decided to write my next review! everything is great 10 machines left for finishing the whole lab(including IT,dev,admins). This was a great experience and i learnt a couple of new things! i will write one more review when i finish! it should be in 2-3 days. It took me a while cause i went in a trip for 3 days for a ctf(very hard one with TOO much Social engineering). So after a point machines seemed like a child’s play although i had some issues with proxychains, i hope noone will meet them 😀 Up till now i can say that the hardest machines were freebsd,humble. That is it for me! cya on my next review!! HAVE FUN EVERYONE!

OSCP Day 10

I haven’t been writing for a while about the lab cause i was obsessed with it and kept solving machines or going out.
So i have hacked about 21 machines in total i think included pain and sufferance! I am gonna comment only to those hard ones. Well pain is not a hard one! it is very easy! i think the rumour about it being hard is what makes it hard for people. Actually it was one of the easiest machines i have solved so dont get intimidated! Now about sufferance… sigh…it took me 3 days and someone gave me a hint about the exploit for getting a priv shell. i started great on it got access to all the folders including proof but i had to get the root shell! so i searched for exploits, found the right one but offsec had different plans from me succeeding!That is where i got a hint and managed to get a low priv shell. Then it took me 1 day to finally find how to priv escalation! This machine wasnt easy but not hard either! it takes time though, especially at the part that i got a hint! that is all! tomorrow i am gonna fight with humble and hopefully get root fast 😀 Have fun everyone!